Tenancy Fraud Module

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    Allows for multiple types of Fraud eg. Subletting, Key Selling, RTB etc. Each can have its own procedures and be monitored separately
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    Can receive data automatically from multiple sources eg. Web Forms, Experian etc.
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    Full automation of desk checks to provide a "single view"

Tenancy Fraud Module

The Tenancy Fraud Module has been developed to allow ANY number of fraud procedures to be readily customised into the system.

It can cope with a range of fraud problems – key selling, sub letting, false applications, RTB fraud etc.

Cases can be manually keyed in or imported from a Risk identification system (eg. Housing Partners) or imported from a Web Form for tenants

Where the procedure requires Desk Checks, these can be fully automated by drawing data from any other system on the network – massively reducing workload

Where information in a Desk Check may require an urgent notification (eg. to Benefits or RTB) this can be automated

Numerous Templates (Word and E-Mail) are available for use




Total number of cases



Number of Users



Number of records uploaded via the mobile



Number of Case Pages created by users

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