The system includes reporting for Users


  • case-snapshots-for-users-and-supervisors
    Case snapshots for Users and Supervisors
  • my-caseload
    My Caseload – summary details of own and team cases
  • quick-frequency-counts-from-search-screens
    Quick Frequency Counts from Search screens
  • a-library-of-excel-lists-pivot-tables-and-charts
    A library of Excel Lists, Pivot Tables and Charts
  • a-full-blown-report-writer-to-extract-data-from-any-table
    A full blown report writer to extract data from any table
  • a-cost-log-to-monitor-additional-expenses
    A cost log to monitor additional expenses
  • reports-can-be-attached-to-any-users-main-menu
    Reports can be attached to any users main menu
  • reports-can-be-emailed-to-any-user-weekly-monthly-etc
    Reports can be emailed to any user weekly, monthly etc
  • reports-include-geo-coordinates-for-mapping
    Reports include geo coordinates for mapping
  • bespoke-reports-easily-created-to-meet-your-needs
    Bespoke reports easily created to meet your needs


The system includes reporting for Users, Supervisors and Analysts

Reporting means different things to different people. We have tried to cater for all of these needs.

For front line staff, the most useful tools are those which generate lists of their cases, or of their outstanding work. For Supervisors a real-time snap shot of the work of the section is a crucial management tool.

For senior managers reporting to committee, a table of data and charts tailored to the needs of the management board is essential.

The data analyst will need a completely flexible report writer. Caseworks has all of these in every module.



Total number of cases



Number of Users



Number of records uploaded via the mobile



Number of Case Pages created by users

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Talk to us and we will customise your system the way you need it


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