Every aspect of the Caseworks System can be enabled

Mobile Working

  • secure-setup-and-login
    Secure Setup and Login
  • menu-customisable-down-to-user-level
    Menu customisable down to User Level
  • attractive-intuitive-user-interface-using-icon-symbols
    Attractive, intuitive user interface using icon symbols
  • multiple-work-queues-can-be-downloaded-and-refreshed
    Multiple Work Queues can be downloaded and refreshed
  • multiple-data-collection-forms-can-be-configured
    Multiple Data Collection Forms can be configured
  • data-collection-items-can-be-linked-to-work-queue-items
    Data Collection items can be linked to Work Queue Items
  • work-queue-links-to-telephony-sms-email-and-maps
    Work Queue Links to telephony, SMS, email and maps
  • data-collection-links-to-gps-and-camera
    Data Collection links to GPS and Camera
  • data-collection-includes-pictorial-pick-lists
    Data Collection includes pictorial pick lists
  • caseworks-applications
    Caseworks Applications include Estate Scoring, Estate Inspection, Tenancy Audit and Home Visits

Mobile Working

Every aspect of the Caseworks System can be enabled for mobile working with our new Android and Windows 8 Mobile Phone and Mobile Tablet Apps

Our Mobile Application has been designed to work with any mainframe database, allowing data from the desktop system to be downloaded into one or more work queues, and data collected in the field to be uploaded back again.

This application is the successor to our Award Winning* Windows Mobile application which is used every day by Wardens in South Lanarkshire, and has to date been used to upload over 100,000 records.

Good Communications Award 2009 First Prize Winner



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Number of Users



Number of records uploaded via the mobile



Number of Case Pages created by users

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