The system is intuitive, and sophisticated

Domestic Violence Module

  • customised-data-entry
    Customised Data Entry form to match referrals
  • calculate-the-risk
    Calculate the Risk on CAADA scheme
  • monitor-reducing-risk
    Monitor reducing risk as the case progresses
  • colour-code-cases
    Colour code cases according to risk
  • create-a-full-case-management
    Create a full Case Management History
  • full-document-management
    Full document managementk
  • record-client-contacts
    Record Client Contacts, with reminders
  • record-agency-contacts
    Record Agency Contacts, with reminders
  • automatically-populate-templates
    Automatically populate templates for referrals

Domestic Violence Module

The system is intuitive, and sophisticated. It offers many facilities to save administrative time and of course a full reporting suite.
We offer THREE versions of this system

1. For Domestic Abuse Case Workers employed by a Local Authority or a Voluntary Organisation
2. For MARAC Coordinators
3. For Housing Officers needing to record Domestic Abuse and refer on to specialist support organisations

The various versions of this system are used by
Local Authorities – Scottish Borders Council, Sefton District Council
MARAC Coordinators – Sefton District Council
Voluntary Organisations – Aurora New Dawn

All will be able to supply references. Please ask for named contacts



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Number of Users



Number of records uploaded via the mobile



Number of Case Pages created by users

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Talk to us and we will customise your system the way you need it


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