Built for Multi-Agency Community Safety Teams

Community Safety System

  • modern-interface
    An intuitive modern interface with icons showing data type
  • full-control
    Sophisticated security allows full control over the extent of data sharing between partners
  • unlimited-persons
    Unlimited Persons, Incidents, Actions etc. in a single Case
  • persons-can-be-linked
    Persons can be linked to more than one case
  • persons-can-be-linked-to-gangs
    Persons can be linked to Gangs and not be part of any case until they become involved in an incident
  • panel-facility
    A Panel facility allows an Agenda for a multi-agency panel meeting to be created and the actions monitored as an integral part of each case
  • document-management
    Document Management System and output to GIS (Mapping) systems
  • full-printout
    One click to create a full printout of a Case History
  • word-documents
    One click to create Word Documents from Templates
  • interchange
    Interchange of data between modules
  • suite-of-reports
    Suite of Reports, customisable after download. Go to our reports page

Community Safety System

The Caseworks System is a Modular design providing for ASB, Offender, Domestic Abuse and Safeguarding case management. It is secure web based with a hosting option

We have been continuously developing this module, in close partnership with large Local Authority Community Safety Units – Leeds, Enfield, Lewisham, Greenwich, St Albans and more – for the last 8 years. Between them our partners have entered over 100,000 cases and over 2.5 million pages of information on those cases.

At its heart is a Property Gazetteer ensuring all data can be mapped and is properly structured



Total number of cases



Number of Users



Number of records uploaded via the mobile



Number of Case Pages created by users

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Talk to us and we will customise your system the way you need it


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