Tenancy Audit goes live at Durham

Tenancy Audit goes live at Durham

June 04, 2013

After months of development, a massively enhanced version of the Caseworks Tenancy Audit Module went live at Durham City Homes on 1st April – on time and on budget.

The “Mark One” version allocated Visits in a round-robin fashion and collected basic information concerning whether the right tenant was in occupation, and whether they had any special needs.

The “Durham” version allows full recording of details of all occupants, including disabilities, language and next of kin.  It allows for room by room checks on condition, for 12 “other services” the Council provides – like Credit Unions – to be part of a questionnaire for the Tenant, it allows repairs to be logged and other actions to be recorded.  This version also allows a list of Rent References or Property References to be uploaded into Caseworks and used to prioritise the visits. To begin with, staff are working through Under-occupation cases.  Each month each officer receives another 20 visits in their Work Queue and by E-Mail and is able to print off known details onto a data collection form from the Caseworks system.

When the user gets back to the office, the information collected is quickly entered, and wherever follow up action is required it goes into a Work Queue for the designated officer to process.

Future plans to streamline the operation include conversion to a Mobile Application so that the paper Questionnaire can be avoided.




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