New Features launched in 2013

New Features launched in 2013

December 30, 2012

The new year sees the Core Caseworks system get two significant enhancements – both of which offer the potential for further improvements during 2013, as the features get rolled out to customers and to all modules.

Enhanced detail in the Case History

The Case History has always displayed as many persons as exist in a case, and used to show Name and Address, and a very small amount of additional information.  The format didn’t seem to allow for more, but now we have found a way to list a lot more information under each Person and to ensure that the case is still easily read, we have highlighted the Person Name and Address. The end product is both clearer and more informative.

HUBSolutions Caseworks Screen Dump - (Case History - Persons)

Caseworks Case History (Person Listing)

Export Cases or Case Load to Excel or Word

Customers in Leeds City Council and Gloucester City Homes had requested an option to export the Case History to Excel to that reporting about individual cases and filtering records to produce a list suitable as evidence in Court. It must be said that both of these customers need this facility because they have keyed in such long and detailed case information – frequently achieving more than 300 links – which is a credit to their diligence in dealing with Anti Social Behaviour.

We spent two months working on this, and in the end achieved a result which was more than either customer requested, and offers much potential for the future.

A new Excel Button now shows in the Case History (in all modules) and the Case Load.

HUBSolutions Caseworks - Export to Excel Button

HUBSolutions Caseworks – Export to Excel

On clicking this button, the User may be taken directly to our new “Grid List”, but in many instances, will be offered a choice of formats and records. On the ASB Case History, this choice is of All Records, Notes, Incidents, Actions or Persons.


The Grid list, is a list of details from the Case Load or Case History, with options to Export to Excel, Word or CSV format.

Below is an example of the output to Excel of a User’s Case Load.  The Case Load output includes a summary of the Last Note, Incident and Action added to the case.

The same facility allows supervisors to export to Excel the case load of each of the staff they supervise. This will be a wonderful aid to supervision in 2013.  The new facility will be fully demonstrated at the forthcoming User Group meetings.







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