Modifications to Caseworks to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Modifications to Caseworks to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

February 01, 2018

HUBSolutions has made a series of important changes and enhancement to the system to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation to be introduced in May 2018. We have specifically addressed the following issues

• Personal Data must be stored only for as long as is necessary
• Individuals have the right, in certain cases, to have personal data erased

However, it is important to report, that in many ways the system was already compliant because of the following long standing facilities.

• The Case History option which allows records from a case to be selected and printed, thereby meeting the need for “The right of access to personal data through subject access requests.” without betraying the confidentiality of others in the same Case.
• The Person Password facility as a means of guaranteeing the privacy of information when a member of the public phones to discuss their case.
• The Person Consent fields for the sharing of information
• The various document upload facilities allowing signed consent to be securely saved and attached to the case.
• For Users of HUBSolutions hosted services, all Caseworks data is retained within the UK at all times.

The new facility to PERMANENTLY DELETE a Case Page or a whole Case

Users have always had access to a “scissors” button which allows any page – or a whole case to be “archived”. Archiving meant deletion from the Live Database and transferral to an Archive Database which was not online. However, data could be recovered from Archive, and frequently users have wanted to do this.

The ability to randomly recover old data, however, is specifically forbidden by GDPR which requires personal data to be able to be able to be completely “forgotten” and when no longer needed to be permanently deleted.

The popup screen which used to allow for various Archiving Options, now also allow for several Deletion Options. It is important to note that, ALL DELETIONS will be logged, so if records are being deleted for improper reasons, the culprit can easily be tracked down! Also, when a Person is linked to more than one Case, deletion of one of the cases will not delete the Person record until all the cases he / she is part of are deleted.

HUBSolutions has an overnight batch job to delete “old cases” which are no longer needed. There is a System Admin facility to determine how many days after Case Closure (or last update) the case should be deleted. This is a flexible facility allowing for different policies for different modules and different Case Types.

When Cases are closed the “Policy Deletion Date” is shown prominently in the Case History. This allows for a decision to vary that policy on specific cases (for reasons which have to be declared).

Case Deletion Date in the Case History

A clear message tells the User when each closed case will be permanently deleted



Total number of cases



Number of Users



Number of records uploaded via the mobile



Number of Case Pages created by users

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