EU Referendum – HUBSolutions opts for “remain”

EU Referendum – HUBSolutions opts for “remain”

October 15, 2016

As a company, we have decided to make a public statement of our opinion for three reasons

HUSolutions Ltd

  • There is a myth going around that the EU is good for big business, but most small businesses want out, to escape the cost of red-tape.

We are a small business of 19 years standing and during that time, we have hired and fired, relocated, had inspections from the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise, and never once been bothered by “red tape”. Regulations are only a problem for those businesses who want to behave irresponsibly to maximise profits to the detriment of staff, customers and the environment.

  • The Exit Camp is promising prosperity if we vote to leave, but the Remain Camp is expecting a contraction of the economy and further round of Austerity

The overwhelming bulk of evidence from independent observers and eminent authorities is that there will be a shock to the economy – and this can already be observed in the fall in the value of the pound and the stock market. Common sense seems to dictate that putting a wall between Britain and 50% of its customer base is going to be bad for trade. Of course a downturn in the economy doesn’t have to cause yet more cuts in public services – we could have tax increases on unnecessary luxury goods and we could outlaw the use of Tax Havens for the rich to hide their incomes, but all the evidence is that the Government sees the public sector as a disposable buffer to soak up any shortfall in the economy. Already George Osbourne is promising an additional £15bn of cuts. This is unlikely to be an idle threat.

As a company trading entirely with the Public Sector, any more cuts beyond those we are already enduring, would deal a terrible blow to us and our customers. It is a risk that no one working in or for the public sector, or dependent on public services should even contemplate.

  • The attraction of Exit seems to rest mainly in the assertion that it will reduce inward migration

Few of those making this argument would consider themselves to be prejudiced against other Europeans, most point to the pressure on Housing and Public services caused by an increase in the population. This is misplaced anger. Private Housing has been deliberately constrained by unnecessary attention paid in the planning process to those who already own homes. Public Housing has been deliberately run down by the Government for ideological reasons. The pressure on schools has been deliberately increased by an ideological belief in “free schools”, prohibiting Local Authorities from building new “state schools”. The pressure on health services is because six years ago the Government took a decision only to protect the level of spending on the NHS in real terms, making no allowance for the escalating cost of medicine, the bed blocking caused by cuts to Local Government, an aging population and the increase in the population (and tax income) from tax-paying immigrants.

  • As a company, we don’t think that a Remain vote, should be a “No Change” vote, or that people are wrong to be angry

We have endured six years of hardship and financial contraction of public services, because governments around the world went for de-regulation and banks and regulators put commercialism ahead of common sense. During that time, every public service has been scaled back, hundreds of libraries have been closed, very few affordable homes have been built and house prices have gone through the roof, forced up by those – at home and abroad – who have prospered in these times of austerity. There has indeed been a terrible toll on the British way of life over many decades. We have swapped the basic things in life – housing, higher education and care services – for the products of an age of consumerism – electronic goods from the far east and leisure activities people never dreamed of. A national debate about what people really want from life and what they expect their government to deliver is long overdue. The EU Referendum is a side-show, designed to distract attention elsewhere.

Peter Hall

Managing Director and Company Owner



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