Email in and Out of the Caseworks Case Management System

Email in and Out of the Caseworks Case Management System

January 15, 2017

Email in and Out of the Caseworks Case Management System!

The Caseworks Case Management System now has truly comprehensive email facilities , with facilities to send and receive emails from and to the system and use those emails to either add to cases, or setup new cases

The new Correspondence facility allows emails to be sent immediately from correspondence or forms which are created from templates and edited by the User. The novel feature is the ability to attach files to the outgoing email by selecting them from within the case itself. This facility has been used extensively by Braintree District Council in their Caseworks Complaint and Freedom of Information System when responding to Freedom of Information Requests. The system allows the Council to pull information together from several Users across multiple Service Areas, and send a single corporate response with all contributions attached. Braintree has sent over 2,500 emails in 9 months of 2016, from within the system by this method

The latest facility – introduced in December 2016 – is the ability to receive emails into Caseworks, merely by adding the case reference into the email subject. The fact that this allows attachments on the email to become uploaded documents in the Caseworks Case Management System makes it a huge time-saver. This has been piloted by Enfield Council for their Caseworks Community Safety System and Braintree Council for their  Complaint and Freedom of Information System . In the two weeks over the Christmas period, these two customers have sent over 120 emails to Caseworks.

The next stage in this development will be for Gloucester City Homes, who will be trialling an enhancement of the email facility which allows structured emails from the corporate web site to set up new cases for their Caseworks Anti-Social Behaviour System and a newly developed Tenancy Fraud System.  It is very common for Councils / Social Landlords to embed Web Forms in their public web site to allow issues to be reported. These normally get translated into EMails- then requiring staff to key them in again to their own system. The new facility reads the headers in the email, and allocates the data to the appropriate Caseworks Case Management System fields. This facility is completely customisable, in order to allow for different forms and different systems.



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