Domestic Abuse System at Scottish Borders goes live

Domestic Abuse System at Scottish Borders goes live

April 19, 2015

The most ambitious Caseworks implementation for many years went live at Scottish Borders on the 13th April.

After many customisation meetings, and a week long final push working closely with staff, all the previous data was loaded on the system and all the final enhancements were made for Go Live.

The number of new screens added to a module, which has been in existence for 8 years and already has four existing customers is quite amazing.

Closure Check List
Police Actions
Notes for Domestic Abuse
Referral to Housing Options
Safety Planning Checklist
Involved Agency Contact
Correspondence for DV
Safety Plan
Severity of Abuse Grid

And the Children’s Sub Module dealing with Child Protection within Domestic Abuse which had been fairly basic has now been enhanced with

Harm to Child Risk
Child Case Referral
Restraints on Person causing harm
Image / Document for child cases
Contact for child cases
SHANNARI Child Indicators
On going contact for child cases

Existing pages have also been massively enhanced, few more so than the all-important CAADA Risk Assessment, which now shows all previous Assessment scores in a different colour, which includes a Manual Assessment option

User reaction? “Very excited” “Your system is so flexible”

More to come, a further module has now been ordered to deal with “Housing Options” – protecting homes where victims are at risk

Scottish Border Domestic Abuse System

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