Complaints and Enquiries system goes live and gets exhibited

Complaints and Enquiries system goes live and gets exhibited

October 19, 2016

CW MenuThe newest Caseworks Module went live at Braintree District Council on time (1st April) and on budget. By June there were already over 150 cases and half of these have been progressed to completion. Only one missed its target – and only by a single day. The project created no extra costs but the system had plenty of extra features. These features have now become part of the core system and, in time, will enhance all the other modules.

The main area of enhancement was the Correspondence / Forms facility. This turned out to be central to the whole operation of the system, since it is the generation of emails which drives each case through its various stages. The new facilities for correspondence include

  • A new web editing tool which emulates Word within a web page
  • An option to directly email out from the editor
  • Options to set the From Email address and cc and bcc as well as one or more To addresses
  • An option to include attachments, which can be one or more of the uploaded documents in the case
  • Mail merge views of data which have been completely re written to ensure maximum flexibility and completely user-friendly field names
  • Very easy Template setup for the Administrator – just using Word
  • The facility works just as well for Forms as it does for Letters and Emails

The best, and most important new option to compliment this tool, is the new batch automation of emails which is playing an essential role in the Braintree system. In Braintree three batch jobs have been set up, (1) to Notify Users a task has been delegated them – the auto email includes the full task detail, the deadline date and a hyperlink into the case (2) to issue first and second reminders.

As well as all this, this module is the first where an Administrator can define the Transaction Buttons, the Case Relationships, the Stages and Deadlines. There is no limit to the number of processes which can be included, and each can have its own Data Entry Form, its own Icon and a different set of responsible officers for each Service. Applications are Freedom of Information requests, Formal Complaints, Members and MP enquiries, Ombudsman cases and Data Protection requests.

The system saves time (and money) by automation of correspondence, ensuring compliance to timescales and also by its free text search allowing previous enquiries on the same subject to be quickly located. Reaction of the lead User Intuitive outcome, Smooth implementation, Reduces duplication, improves coordination and monitoring.

The system was exhibited at the Capita Conference in London in June and attracted several enquiries from delegates which are being followed up.



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