100% customer service – ASB, DV and Mediation Systems

100% customer service – ASB, DV and Mediation Systems

October 31, 2019

100% customer service in maintaining ASB, DV and Mediation Systems

August to October Customer Satisfaction figures were another 100% satisfied outcome as measured by our independent Issue Log system – Freshdesk

Customers who responded included the Portsmouth Anti Social Behaviour Team, who just received a major upgrade of their Anti-Social Behaviour Module ASB Software , the Dudley ASB Team who received a new report, the Scottish Borders Domestic Abuse Team who received a new facility to allow their 91-day review to be recorded and reminded on their DV Module, Aurora New Dawn – our only registered charity- who had a need to restrict a Domestic Abuse Case to a small number of users, Trafford Community Safety Team who requested and received two new forms for their system, Sefton Domestic Abuse Team who had the same need as Aurora to restrict case access and South Lanarkshire Council, which has the Anti-Social Behaviour System, the Mobile Recording System  and the Mediation System  and added to their satisfaction score “Resolved fast and efficiently, thanks”

How do we work to achieve this result when maintaining the ASB, DV and Mediation Systems?

  1. We have a web based Issue Log provided by Freshdesk
  2. We provide an email account for Users to merely email their problem to Freshdesk
  3. We distribute the incoming work between members of the team
  4. We liaise with each other via Remote Desktop when not in the office
  5. We monitor the results every three months
  6. We have an internal database which provides valuable scripts for upgrades and re-customisations at the click of a button
  7. We have an internal resource manual which covers the most common problems and solutions
  8. We Liaise with our customers regularly visiting them in their own offices
  9. We are flexible and carry out re-customisations and minor enhancements at no additional cost
  10. We regularly undertake mini-upgrades to speed up the development cycle



100% customer service




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