Domestic Abuse System: New Housing Version being commissioned for Cheltenham

Domestic Abuse System: New Housing Version being commissioned for Cheltenham

February 26, 2018

A new version of the Domestic Abuse System within Caseworks has been written for Cheltenham Homes, in order to meet the needs of a Housing Provider. Major changes and enhancements have been introduced, and it is now ready to go Live.

User request within the Domestic Violence System delivered

November 10, 2016

One of the end-user requests from Scottish Borders was for the ability to edit the system in one window, while viewing in another. Why? Some of the forms they have to complete are long and complex, and require information plucked from different parts of the case. Twin screens would be a huge time saver.

The Domestic Abuse System goes live in Sefton Council (Bootle, Liverpool)

October 13, 2016

Sefton MBC – a long term user of the Caseworks ASB Module – has commissioned the Domestic Abuse Module and becomes the first customer to fully utilise both the Case Management Tools and the MARAC Coordinator tools. Several enhancements were introduced to the system to facilitate this.

Scottish – Borders Domestic Violence System – Review and Training session

October 31, 2016

HUBSolutions undertook a two day training session at Scottish Borders Council, to bring new staff up to speed with Caseworks, show off some new facilities to existing staff, and explain the way that the system works to all. The session was well received and has led to actions for both customer and HUBSolutions to progress the system further.

Domestic Abuse System at Scottish Borders goes live

April 19, 2015

The most ambitious Caseworks implementation for many years went live at Scottish Borders on the 13th April. After many customisation meetings, and a week long final push working closely with staff, all the previous data was loaded on the system and all the final enhancements were made for Go Live.

Domestic Abuse System – New contract starts at Scottish Borders

December 15, 2014

A new contract won in open tender, to supply a Domestic Abuse Case Management System for Scottish Borders Council was signed on 1st December. The first project meeting was held just two weeks later on the 15th December, and customisation meetings are planned for mid-January. Already work has started on the project on both sides of the border.

Order for HUBSolutions Domestic Violence Module

June 28, 2013

St Albans Council has placed an order for the HUBSolutions DV Module (to be renamed on their system as Community Safety Module), will include DV Casework and elements from the Tenancy Support Module in respect of Safeguarding. St Albans is also planning to extend the use of the ASB Module to Housing Staff, after some re-customisation.



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