Portsmouth City Council get an ASB upgrade!

Portsmouth City Council get an ASB upgrade!

October 18, 2019

Portsmouth city council get an update to their caseworks system! We spent the day yesterday teaching Portsmouth how to use the new features on their update.  The new expanded case summary and flexible caseload. New correspondence features and new email in and out. After the meeting we agreed to enhance the Person Search facilities in order to avoid user errors. All in all it was a thoroughly productive update to the current community safety case management system.

New Facility for the Anti-Social Behaviour System for Trafford

October 11, 2019

Following a highly productive review meeting on 12th August with our latest customer - Trafford Council's Community Safety Team - HUBSolutions undertook to provide a quick entry facility to its Anti-Social Behaviour Case Management System for two types of case which did not need the full detail entered. The case types in question were "Alley Gate" cases and "Advice Only" ASB cases. Look at our two videos to see the "one minute test" and the discussion we had afterwards on our way back from Manchester.

Modifications to Caseworks to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

February 01, 2018

HUBSolutions has made a series of important changes and enhancement to the system to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation to be introduced in May 2018. We have specifically addressed the following issues • Personal Data must be stored only for as long as is necessary • Individuals have the right, in certain cases, to have personal data erased The popup screen which used to allow for various Archiving Options, now also allow for several Deletion Options There is a new System Admin facility to determine how many days after Case Closure (or last update) the case should be deleted

New Facility in the Anti-Social Behaviour System to handle “Houses in Multiple Occupation”

January 15, 2018

HUBSolutions has implemented a major new facility to import the HMO register and allow HMOs to be properly recorded when Cases are entered onto the system. The new facility allows units within an HMO to be recorded on the fly by Caseworkers, and to be flagged in a noticeable way in the Case History.

Email in and Out of the Caseworks Case Management System

January 01, 1970

The Caseworks Case Management System now has truly comprehensive email facilities , with facilities to send and receive emails from and to the system and use those emails to either add to cases, or setup new cases.

Policy into Practice – HUBSolutions sponsors a CIH Training Event

January 01, 1970

HUBSolutions is proud to sponsor the CIH Training event: “Tackling anti-social behaviour: sharing information and working in partnership” taking place in Belfast on Wednesday 20/4/2016. The event will be a good opportunity to show case the new features in Caseworks and the new ideas being trialled.

Anti Social Behaviour System – double go-live on the same day

January 01, 1970

Monday 12th September, and two ASB Systems – London Borough of Greenwich and Solace – went live with absolutely no problems. This brings to 14 the number of Caseworks systems being hosted by HUBSolutions. Performance is being constantly monitored, and memory in particular has twice been upgraded to cope with the increased demands.

The Anti Social Behaviour System gets a new repeat contact facility

October 16, 2016

Ensuring regular contact with Clients, is always a difficult thing. It requires a system of reminders and monitoring. Caseworks has always had a Key Performance Indicator facility for this, but it isn’t as flexible as we would like. We have launched a new facility and set it up on the Durham Caseworks site as the first customer to test it.

The Community Safety System at Greenwich to be hosted by HUBSolutions

October 28, 2016

The London Borough of Greenwich, a long standing HUBSolutions customer, has agreed to migrate the Caseworks Anti Social Behaviour Module to the HUBSolutions Server, hosted by IOMART plc. Agreement came after a period of extensive checks into the security of data and facilities on offer.

Benefits Overpayment Recovery at Brent hits a record high with HUBSolutions DEBTSYS

January 01, 1970

Figures just released from Brent Council, North London, show that our Housing Benefits Overpayment Recovery System - known as DEBTSYS - has brought the recovery of debt to a new high - £6m pa from £2m pa when DEBTSYS was first introduced. We also want to acknowledge that these amazing figures - a 200% increase - are a testament to Tim Ring and his team at Brent Council

ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014 – covered in the next version of Caseworks

January 01, 1970

HUBSolutions has released a consultation document to all of its ASB Case Management Users, showing the proposed changes arising from the new ASB Crime and Policing Act 2014. Every "Legal Action" screen has been revised, and new functionality included.

Caseworks migrates to new, larger, more powerful server

January 01, 1970

The eight Local Authorities and Housing Associations who host their system with HUBSolutions have had their Caseworks System moved to a new ultra-modern server over the weekend of 24/2/2014.  The new server offers a 50% increase in processing power and a 100% increase in on board memory, both of which will ensure that the current fast performance is maintained for the next few years.

Croydon Housing Anti Social Behaviour programme moves to next stage

January 01, 1970

The Croydon project (see earlier News Item), has now moved up a gear following the successful completion of the three phase training programme for all staff from senior management to front line workers.

Croydon Housing commissions training

January 01, 1970

Croydon Housing Department has commissioned HUBSolutions to provide training to staff at each level of the Department from Management Team to Caseworkers in order that the system can be better implemented. Training is to be highly interactive, with a view to bringing out user ideas for improvements, understand user problems and improve the general customisation.

HUBSolutions launches a Tablet Friendly, cross browser version of Caseworks

January 01, 1970

The London Borough of Enfield went live with the first of the new format Caseworks User Interface. The new version works on all browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc.) as well as the latest version of Internet Explorer - IE10 - and has been designed to work properly on tablets, by eliminating all "rollover" buttons.



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