Small ideas make a big contribution at Dudley

Small ideas make a big contribution at Dudley

June 24, 2013

Dudley Caseworks had a makeover and a full upgrade with a Go Live on 1st April – user reaction “fantastic :-)”

Before the upgrade there were numerous customisation changes and the addition of some new forms – Like Victim Risk Assessment – however, as is so often the case the best ideas come from face-to-fact contact with real users during the training session.

Training sessions with HUBSolutions are like none other.  You don’t travel hundreds of miles to a purpose build Training Suite in London, get a rigid agenda of “learning objectives for the day”, a database full of mickey-mouse data, and a slick RADA trained Trainer who will guide you through your ”learning experience”.  We come to our customers, armed with a customised training manual (paper and electronic) and an overhead projector.  We take you through your test system on your equipment, and the training is very much a two way process.  We show you how to use the system, what the alternative options are which other customers have deployed and we listen to how you work and your specific needs.  When users ask for minor changes – like items in a pick list – we often implement these in the lunch hour.  When people come up with the need for significant enhancements, we try and include these in the Go Live version.

Dudley was no exception and two brilliant ideas came out of the two training days and were fully implemented by Go Live the next week.

Correspondence generated by the system has long been a feature, but until now the name of the output file, has been determined by Caseworks, and normally reflects the generic template name. A user, who had used the earlier version, asked if BEFORE the letter was created, users could supply a filename. Not hard to do, but not something we had realised was an issue.  This would have the benefit of a team being able to introduce a file naming convention system, which would ensure file names have meaning and are identified as meaningful in a case history.

The letter templates now contain a Correspondence field, which will contain a system-allotted name made up of the letter type and the date.

Correspondence Name prior to user edit

The user can then enter a preferred name

Correspondence File Name after user edit

The newly-named letter can be seen, and is accessible, in the Events section.

The other idea, was more of a collective contribution, after a long discussion of the evils of “Add Notes” to a Case which tends to result in a long history of un analysable text which conceals a lot of real achievements. We decided that the real need for Notes was in recording Communication with Clients, Offenders and Agencies, and by the end of the day, we had designed four new screens to record phone calls made, phone calls received, meetings and emails.

Buttons customised by Dudley for Communication with Clients

Once these facilities are added to the core system, they are then available (at no cost) to all customers on upgrade, so this is a bit of a thank you to Dudley users.

Since Go Live, we have also designed an additional ABC screen to enable the Dudley Officer responsible for coordinating Acceptable Behaviour Contract work, to record the dates of the various stages of their communication with agencies requesting ABCs, as well as the agency contacts’ names.  The original ABC screen is available for the Anti-Social Behaviour Team to use, and there are shortcuts once both ABC screens are processed, to enable users to update the action with review, breach and other details.

ABC Request Screen customised by Dudley MBC
Katriona, from the Community Safety Team said

“it was my best Caseworks experience yet! ”  and  “fantastic :-)”



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