Mobile Working Success story

Mobile Working Success story

August 12, 2014

At the start of the financial year East Durham Homes and South Lanarkshire Council both customers enhanced their staff’s mobile working by going live with the new Android Mobile Solution from HUBSOLUTIONS LTD.  Although they both have identical software, the visual appearance of the systems is very different, due to the incredible flexibility of customisation.

Both customers of HUBSolutions Ltd had staff who need to record and receive information whilst out of the office. Both areas include large rural districts with poor mobile reception, so an App, able to work offline, rather than a mobile web site was essential.  Both customers also wanted to use the full features of a mobile – GPS, Photography and Mapping – which also suggested that only an App would meet the need.

South Lanarkshire Wardens

East Durham Homes is a Housing provider and their priority was Estate Inspections, Estate Scoring and Tenancy Procedures. Their Menu lists data collection forms for each, and Work Queues directing staff to the next stage in a Procedure or to check as completed a previously raised job. South Lanarkshire is a Community Safety Unit, and the Wardens who use the system can be directed to hot spots via records downloaded from the office and can log new Incidents as well as updating reports of incidents. South Lanarkshire also has a facility to record Fixed Penalty Notices.

Data collection forms have been customised to include multi-tier pick lists, multiple upload of photos, scratch pads for tenant signature and full Borough address search and online mapping capability. The system can be operated offline with upload in the office on the Wi-Fi or can be operated in real time using the mobile phone network.  Each system is password protected, data transmitted is encrypted and local data is deleted from the phone as soon as it has been uploaded,

At the back end, the flexibility of the Caseworks system is also evident. The East Durham reports are emailed to service providers by the system, or placed in a work queue for administrative action in the office.  At South Lanarkshire, the uploaded reports from the mobiles are listed for each of their partner organisations and sent out twice a day for follow on action.

HUBSOLUTIONS and South Lanarkshire have a long history of mobile working, after the first version of the App – based on the Windows 6 platform – went live in 2008 and won the National Good Communications Award in 2009.

The output in the first Quarter of 2014/15 has been impressive, with 5,500 records loaded at East Durham Homes and over 7,000 loaded at South Lanarkshire.

Reaction from users has been very positive.

South Lanarkshire said at a liaison meeting, that the system was so intuitive that no training was needed!

East Durham Homes have made the following statement of their achievements with the system. Working with Hub Solutions has led to a number of improvements in our estate management system.  The new system ensures all actions for particular cases logged together and identifies clearly the member of staff dealing with the action. This gives a more accurate indication of workload and areas of concern. The system ensures that all ‘jobs’ are completed in a timely manner and workload managed and monitored successfully.

A work queue is produced for each estate officer to ensure staff are reminded to follow up complaints and maintain regular contact with customers. The staff can also generate a ‘service request’ on site which generates emails to external agencies. This increases productivity and provides VFM as the staff do not need to return to the office to complete these tasks. Pam Cox, Head of Neighbourhood Services – Housing Management

The future? The company is building a Windows 8 mobile solution for Durham City Council. Interestingly, the new Windows technology is proving far more problematic than Android and wouldn’t be the company’s first choice.




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