Correcting Ward Code Data for Leeds

Correcting Ward Code Data for Leeds

December 24, 2012

The Problem

Leeds City Council had provided a Property Gazetteer where some addresses were not coded by Ward. Since the start of the system, users had added addresses which had no ward code. Users had also entered free text Block Names which didn’t include a ward code.

Katy Walton, the senior analyst was required to produce Caseworks Data by Ward, but there were many gaps in the data.


It wasn’t an easy challenge!

When Block / Street Records are included Leeds has 430,000 properties, which were linked to 70,000 tenancies, 20,000 persons and 15,000 incidents and nearly 10,000 cases. All of these records had Area Coding, which in Caseworks is Area (ALMO areas), Wards, Estates and Towns.

Complex algorithms which used postcodes and building linkages, to deduce the missing postcodes were employed with great success. Poorly entered manual addresses were “cleansed” and linked as well.  When the Gazetteer was nearly 100% coded, we then replicated the new codes to all the other records which included an Address reference. In total many hours of work, testing and cross checking, with a lot of scrutinising individual records

 The Customer Response

“Thank you for sorting this out – there has been an enormous improvement in the quality of data relating to wards as a result of your work, and this will help us to provide much more reliable information to Managers which should in turn improve the way that ASB is responded to in Leeds. Thank you for responding so promptly and comprehensively. It is really appreciated

Katy Walton

Senior Performance Analyst

Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team

Leeds City Council

All part of the service at HUBSolutions

This isn’t the first time we have done a big data cleansing operation and it will not be the last.

Previously we coded up the entire property gazetteers of Hyndburn Homes and Gloucester City Homes by Latitude and Longitude so that their data could be mapped.

We have purchased a general translation database for our customers of post codes to county and electoral wards which we made good use of with two Housing Associations whose area spanned many Local Authorities



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