An upgrade and spring clean for Solihull Community Housing

An upgrade and spring clean for Solihull Community Housing

August 30, 2012

Solihull Community Housing (SCH), ALMO of Solihull Council, has used Caseworks’ ASB Case Management System, since 2006, to: help the organisation’s ASB Team effectively manage its cases; support ASB Staff; and accurately monitor and report ASB activity and performance. 

In 2010 SCH’s ASB Team was as one of the first in the country to be awarded ASB Accreditation by Housemark.  The Accreditation report shows that in addition to the ASB Team’s dedicated work, it’s in depth use of Caseworks, and the quality reporting function, enabled the team to provide even more ASB support to the community and various agencies, and to provide the all-important evidence of the Team’s work.

As part of the upgrade 2012, with the view to maximising casework management and data extraction potential, SCH took the opportunity to review and update the information and their processes on Caseworks, and to further customise the screens.

Key Benefits of the Upgrade were:-

  • Even more effective in enabling staff to manage their cases and for reporting and stats
  • Customised and enhanced, including: the addition of the new modern style menu, which is personalised for the User’s Caseload and requirements
  • New functions make it easier for case details to be added, such as full screen entry of free text in memo fields and multiple upload of documents at one time
  • Fresh layout of screens, such as the Case History page, which has ‘roll over’ pictorial buttons and gridlines, which declutter the screen
  • My Caseload has been re-designed with a simple one line entry for each Case, easy access to view a full summary of their cases, and a sort function to change how the cases are presented
  • Team Work section allows a Manager to view the same Caseload Facility and calendars as the staff
  • User profiles are easily accessible to users, and Managers and System Admins have more options
  • Calendar is an outlook-style version with pictorial icons, and a rollover showing the full Alert or KPI info
  • External bookmarks can be added within Caseworks, to avoid losing the  caseworks session when navigating to another site
  • Mail To command allows the user to  email an embedded hyperlink of the case to a colleague
  • Quick search enhanced to enable search of people and incidents by entering a key word, e.g. drugs

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