Lyn Tiller

Community Projects Manager, Aurora New Dawn

Aurora New Dawn have worked with HUBSolutions since we set up our organisation in 2011.  Their bespoke database system works extremely well for our service and they are quick to response and make changes as our organisation grows and our needs change.  We have always found HUBSolutions easy to work with and they always understands what we need even when at times we do not.  They are professional but equally friendly and approachable. We would highly recommend them.

Elizabeth Parker

Domestic Abuse and Advice Services (DAAS) Manager, Safer Communities, Scottish Border Council

The Domestic Abuse Advocacy Service has been using the Caseworks database for some years, this was built by HUBS for us on a bespoke basis. We work under challenging circumstances but using caseworks for case management makes the job so much easier, the system is able to handle our very complex high risk cases.  I have to say the care and attention to detail that HUBS have given us has been second to none. I was worried about not having support at first on site as we are in Scotland but HUBS are always there either at the end of the phone or by email, they respond so quickly to any queries and have went that extra mile when our managers were asking for reports from the data that previously had not existed, HUBS delivered every time.  We have developed an excellent working relationship with the team at HUBS, they have worked closely with us to provide the database we need, the team came up to the Borders several times to train our staff and we genuinely could not get through the volume of work without Caseworks, it’s the best case management system I have ever used.

Tracey Headford

Performance and Improvement Manager, Braintree District Council

Less work “It will also assist us in identifying common FOI’s so we can publish more information on our website and reduce the burden to respond to the ever increasing number of FOI requests received”/ Smooth Implementation “The implementation process went smoothly. Regular meetings ensured caseworks was implemented within timescales and HUB Solutions were on hand to assist us with any queries we had” Intuitive Outcome “The system is intuitive…. with everything now all in one database it will assist us greatly in analysing data to improve services”/ Intuitive Outcome “The system is intuitive…. with everything now all in one database it will assist us greatly in analysing data to improve services”/ Reliability “Caseworks provides peace of mind that FOI’s should not be missed for these reasons in the future due to the reminders automatically sent and the monitoring caseload FOI officers have”/ Reduces duplication Improves coordination “Full details of each complaint is available in one place making it easier to monitor performance and improvements and the system will also be used to monitor MP requests ensuring that we can co-ordinate responses between services and reduce duplication”

James Meadows

ASB Specialist Officer, Royal Borough of Greenwich

Using Caseworks has made my work as an ASB Specialist Officer much easier and more organised thanks to the great facilities and customisation to our team's policies and procedures.

Pam Cox

Head of Neighbourhood Services, East Durham Homes

Working with HUBSolutions has led to a number of improvements in our estate management system. The new system ensures all actions for particular cases logged together and identifies clearly the member of staff dealing with the action. This gives a more accurate indication of workload and areas of concern. The system ensures that all 'jobs' are completed in a timely manner and workload managed and monitored successfully. A work queue is produced for each estate officer to ensure staff are reminded to follow up complaints and maintain regular contact with customers. The staff can also generate a 'service request' on site which generates emails to external agencies. This increases productivity and provides VFM as the staff do not need to return to the office to complete these tasks.



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