Croydon Housing commissions training

January 01, 1970

Croydon Housing Department has commissioned HUBSolutions to provide training to staff at each level of the Department from Management Team to Caseworkers in order that the system can be better implemented. Training is to be highly interactive, with a view to bringing out user ideas for improvements, understand user problems and improve the general customisation.

HUBSolutions launches a Tablet Friendly, cross browser version of Caseworks

January 01, 1970

The London Borough of Enfield went live with the first of the new format Caseworks User Interface. The new version works on all browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc.) as well as the latest version of Internet Explorer - IE10 - and has been designed to work properly on tablets, by eliminating all "rollover" buttons.

Order for HUBSolutions Domestic Violence Module

January 01, 1970

St Albans Council has placed an order for the HUBSolutions DV Module (to be renamed on their system as Community Safety Module), will include DV Casework and elements from the Tenancy Support Module in respect of Safeguarding. St Albans is also planning to extend the use of the ASB Module to Housing Staff, after some re-customisation.

Orders for the HUBSolutions Mobile Application

January 01, 1970

Both Durham Housing and East Durham Homes have placed orders for the new HUBSolutions Mobile Application.  East Durham have bought Samsung S3 Phones for all the staff and are going to use the Android mobile phone version. They are looking for the App to include Estate Inspection, Ad Hoc Estate Repairs, Fire and Safety Checks and Tenancy Procedures.

Tenancy Audit goes live at Durham

January 01, 1970

After months of development, a massively enhanced version of the Caseworks Tenancy Audit Module went live at Durham City Homes on 1st April - on time and on budget. The "Mark One" version allocated Visits in a round-robin fashion and collected basic information concerning whether the right tenant was in occupation, and whether they had any special needs.

New Features launched in 2013

January 01, 1970

The Case History has always displayed as many persons as exist in a case, and used to show Name and Address, and a very small amount of additional information. The format didn't seem to allow for more, but now we have found a way to list a lot more information under each Person and to ensure that the case is still easily read.



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