Aurora New Dawn – A voluntary organisation using the Domestic Violence System

Aurora adopted Caseworks as their system as soon as the organisation was formed as an independent body by former members of staff of Portsmouth City Council.  They are intensive users of the Domestic Violence System.

Aurora ND offers safety, support, advocacy and empowerment to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence using the Caseworks DV System.


Braintree District Council – Complaints system users

Braintree District Council commissioned HUBSolutions Ltd to design a bespoke Complaints system that could not only help them to manage their FOI and DPA requests, but could also enable them to meet the Council’s policy and procedure requirements.

Please click here to go to Braintree Council’s Complaints page.

Brent Council – original user of DEBTSYS for Benefits Overpayment Recovery

Brent Council implemented DEBTSYS in 2005 and have been a model to other customers since then. They have made and continue to make vast savings compared to performance before DEBTSYS.  HUBSolutions have written numerous enhancements of this system since it was first implemented.

Cheltenham Borough Homes – ASB Case Management system user

Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) is an ALMO that has been using our ASB Case Management system since 2010.

The CBH ASB reporting page can be viewed by clicking here.

Croydon Council – ASB Case management system and Debt Recovery tools

Croydon Council is one of the original customers of the Caseworks ASB Case Management System – having first installed in 2001.  The first version of the system was purchased by the Race Relations Department for Hate Crime, but was quickly adopted by Housing and the ASB Team for dealing with all ASB.

HUBSolutions has worked very closely with Croydon Housing for many years. The company ran one-to-one training sessions for all staff, set up numerous special reports for management, assisted in major data cleansing and attends regular strategy meetings to improve the service provided to Tenants.

Croydon Revenues and Benefits have implemented our debt recovery tools, such as: DEBTSYS Benefits Overpayment system, and saved many millions of pounds; and DEBTHUB – a product to automate specific bulk actions for the recovery of Council Tax.

Croydon Council also commissioned a bespoke staff time management system, STAFFHUB, which monitors the detail of the time spent by staff processing each case.

To view Croydon Council’s report ASB page, please click here.




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