Case Studies

Anti Social Behaviour System Audit Upgrade at Solihull

October 24, 2013

A regular meeting with Solihull Community Housing prompted a mini upgrade. Managers had decided to re instate regular case Audits, and wanted to deploy the enhanced Audit Screen upgraded with multiple document upload so that reports could be attached. They also raised an issue that with multiple document upload, they were unable to remove one of the documents uploaded.

Enfield first for the Tablet friendly Cross-browser version of Caseworks

October 09, 2013

An upgrade at Enfield was long overdue but really was forced by an exciting new Enfield initiative called the Chance Scheme. This is a process whereby partner agencies - Housing Associations, Voluntary Organisations and the Police work - work with the Community Safety Unit to sign young persons up to Anti Social Behaviour Contracts in order to moderate their behaviour.

Small ideas make a big contribution at Dudley

June 24, 2013

Before the upgrade there were numerous customisation changes and the addition of some new forms – Like Victim Risk Assessment – however, as is so often the case the best ideas come from face-to-fact contact with real users during the training session. Training sessions with HUBSolutions are like none other.

Correcting Ward Code Data for Leeds

December 24, 2012

Leeds City Council had provided a Property Gazetteer where some addresses were not coded by Ward. Since the start of the system, users had added addresses which had no ward code. Users had also entered free text Block Names which didn’t include a ward code. Katy Walton, the senior analyst was required to produce Caseworks Data by Ward, but there were many gaps in the data.

An upgrade and spring clean for Solihull Community Housing

August 30, 2012

In 2010 SCH’s ASB Team was as one of the first in the country to be awarded ASB Accreditation by Housemark.  The Accreditation report shows that in addition to the ASB Team’s dedicated work, it’s in depth use of Caseworks, and the quality reporting function, enabled the team to provide even more ASB support to the community and various agencies, and to provide the all-important evidence of the Team’s work.



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