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HUBSolutions is a team of highly dedicated professionals, ex-Local Government and IT Professionals, with a range of different skills and experience in senior management, IT support and development with specialist knowledge in Complex Casework Management, Housing, Revenues and Benefits and Human Resources.

The founder and managing Director, Peter Hall MA, was Assistant Director of Housing at the London Borough of Hackney for nine years before starting the company.

Trading since 1997, HUBSolutions has grown a customer base in excess of 100 Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Voluntary Organisations.

It has specialised in niche markets in Anti-Social Behaviour and Revenues, Domestic Abuse, Housing Management Add-ons, Mobile, Housing Benefit Add-ons and Debt Recovery, where its expertise can make the greatest impact.

HUBSolutions was founded in the multi-racial environment of inner London. It has continued that tradition of diverse organisational development, attracting staff from a range of communities and disciplines, encouraging staff to work from home whilst providing live-work flexibility in both locations and creating a tightly knit community, linked by broadband telephone and computer connections.

We have been able to provide an integrated, broadly based service to our customers whilst absorbing staff working as full time and part time employees and as free-lance consultants. We believe this is the future of flexible, dynamic hi-tech industries in the UK and are determined to remain at the cutting edge of this movement.

We are a socially responsible organisation, which firmly believes in the role which the private sector must play in providing equality of opportunity, in protecting the environment and in regional development.



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